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ume ume + umbini (for children ages 6 months – 2½ years).

The Ume Ume + Umbini program is designed to let adults and their little ones wiggle, sing and learn together, for the ultimate bonding experience. Ume Ume + Umbini combines both classic and modern children songs under the ume ume music + arts learning approach, as children along with their caregivers participate in song, story, creative movement, world rhythms, instrument play, and various art activities. Each semester focuses on a particular theme introducing children to academic content and a variety of musical genres such as: Classical, World, Pop, Rock, Broadway, and Children songs in a fun, exciting way while promoting healthy living and social development.


ume ume tots (for children ages 2 – 4 years).

The ume ume tots class will develop language and artistic skills to build the foundation for the growing toddler. The semester theme enables children to experience a structured and focused learning approach integrating the arts and nurturing each child’s self-expression.

Storytelling is implemented in each lesson and offers children the invitation to be actively involved: to look, listen, and communicate by asking and answering questions about the story. Through story telling children strengthen their vocabulary, content knowledge, as well as introduce them to basic elements of a story (i.e. characters and setting).

Our ume ume tots program’s aim is to develop and refine the toddler’s fine and gross motor skills is exercised through various activities such as singing, shaking maracas, dancing to a rhythmic pattern, or painting a picture. Children enjoy producing sounds on instruments like the recorder, guitar, violin, and finding their own VOICE! Children also learn about the basic elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, and form) through activities that encourages the child’s own creative expression and enrichment.

The collaborative setting of our ume ume music + arts classes is beneficial to the developmental and creative process as we encourage and promote children to interact with both their peers and caregivers in a safe, creative, and entertaining learning environment.


ume ume kiddies (for children ages 3½ years – 7 years).

Ume ume kiddies is our ume ume music + arts program intended for the maturing child between the ages 3 ½ - 7 years. During story time, children build on content information and develop inquiry skills. Ume ume kiddies make self-to-text connections while increasing both verbal and language skills.

Children familiarize themselves with classical, popular, and original music and songs, as well as experiment changing the “tones” of different instruments like the guitar! In addition, our ume ume kiddies study choreographed movement and dances and explore new art techniques and tools to produce works of art.

The collaborative setting of our ume ume music + arts classes is beneficial to the creative process and establishes a “classroom-like” routine for the child. The collaborative setting of our ume ume music + arts classes is beneficial to the creative process as the children inspire one another through verbal and non-verbal communication.


The Ume Ume Mix (for children ages 18 months – 7 years) is our standard Ume Ume Music + Arts program open to all children under the age of 7 years old. This class gives children of different ages and developmental stages the opportunity to learn together through music, art, and dance. Watch how children share, help, and learn from one another! Whether your child has siblings, cousins, friends, classmates, or neighbors, this class welcomes children who would like to get in the “mix” and explore music and the arts with all their friends, regardless of age. After all, you can’t put an age-limit on friendship and learning!

Drop-In Classes

$20 per family (pay as you go).

Baby Rhythm-Makers (0 months – 12 months)
An introductory class to rhythm, sound, and movement, our baby rhythm-makers will explore the wonderful world of music using their voices and rhythmic instruments.

Sing-along (All ages)
Introducing and exploring music hits from various artists and genres, our Sing-along gives children the opportunity to create music using an assortment of instruments including: string, percussion, woodwind, and their own voice!

It’s Art Time (1 ½ years and up)
In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist.” It’s Art Time sets aside a special time in each child’s busy day to embrace their inner artist and create their own masterpieces. Ume ume artists will study the works of well-known artists to encourage the exploration of materials, techniques, and styles.

Ume Ume Story Time & Open Play (All ages)
What better way to escape the New York Summer Heat and Winter Cold than at Ume Ume Story Time & Open Play? We love to read at ume ume music + arts and Ume Ume Storytime gives us a chance to share our favorite children’s books. After story time, our beautiful space is open for children to play educational games and socialize with their friends and caregivers.

Seasonal Music + Arts Day Camps

Ages 3 to 8 years old .

Ume Ume Campers will be moving, creating, and learning in a fun, safe, collaborative, and inspiring artistic environment. Campers will explore the works of famous composers, musicians, artists, and dancers while implementing and developing their own creative skills through the arts. Some activities Ume Ume Campers will be engaging in are: music composition and songwriting, singing, violin, arts and crafts, choreography, movement, and dance!

For more information about our summer, winter, and day camps throughout the year visit our website at or e-mail us at

ume ume music + arts Birthday Party Packages

Is your child’s upcoming birthday quickly approaching? Ume Ume is your premier Park Slope Birthday destination! Here at ume ume music + arts, we are more than happy to host your child’s special day.

In our pristine and inviting studio, let us do the leg work, as you relax and enjoy a ume ume Birthday Party with your friends and family.

Below, please find a brief description of our Packages (although some aspects can be customized to your specific needs).

Birthday Package Option: Ume Ume Birthday Party - $480 (includes 12 children - each additional is $40 p/c), includes birthday child – must have final headcount 48 hours before party

Party includes:

  • 90 minute celebration (includes a 30-minute Music and Dance Entertainment)
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Juice boxes for Children (12)
  • Paper goods (napkins & cutlery) for children
  • Party Balloons (12)

  • Space Rental Option: Ume Ume Space Rental - $150 per hour

  • Space Rental only (no food or activities provided)
  • Client provides ume ume an arrival time for set-up and a departure time after clean-up to calculate total rental time.

  • Extra Add-ons:

  • 30 minutes of additional party time = $75
  • Additional Cheese Pizza = $19 each
  • Art project (ex: crown decorating or canvas paintings) = $60
  • Extra paper goods for adults = $20

  • *Please let us know of any food allergies.

    Please call or email us for available dates.


    At ume ume music + arts we offer beginner and intermediate level Violin & Piano lessons to children of all ages. Please call us for more information regarding pricing and scheduling.