• Ume Ume
    Music + Arts

What is Ume Ume?
Our name, “ume ume”, reflects the focus of our program and the importance of bringing everyone together (ume = you + me), as we create and learn about our world through music and the arts. Ume Ume Enrichment Programs implement an original curriculum through an arts integrated approach to learning for children under 12 years old. We develop a young child’s familiarity with music, dance and art while encouraging experimentation, exploration, and creative thinking. Our aesthetic experience encourages learning, understanding and appreciation of the arts, as well as the development of both cognitive & motor skills.
For more information about our ume ume music + arts programs and events call 718-768-0800 or visit us in-person at our Park Slope location - 319 4th Avenue @ 3rd Street.

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